My latest article for Writing Novels In Australia is titled A Pavlovian Response To Writing. In it I compare my compulsive need to write fiction to having a trauma based mental illness and speculate on what else motivates people to do such a strange thing for so long. Here’s a little snippet –

We told stories orally, through dance, by drawing on stone, by carving ornaments from wood. A great story teller proved he was in possession of a good healthy brain and strong genes, and was therefore likely to produce successful offspring. Our most creative ancestors made the most babies and here we are: naturally selected story-tellers suffering from a now-redundant impulse.

The rest of the article here.

My recently written horror novel Waxy-Flexy is currently being read by my agent Kylee Doust (excerpt here). I’m looking forward to hearing back from her and am prepared for several possibilities. She might inform me that it is a large pile of shit and that I should focus on blogging (possible). I might get some serious notes and edits and an indication that it’s going to meed a lot more work (likely). Or she might tell me to sit back and relax while she corrects a couple of spelling mistakes and sells it off for a million bucks (ummm… okay, nope).

I will keep everyone up to date.

A Pavlovian Response To Writing