Back when Australia’s oldest children’s fashion and lifestyle magazine Studio Bambini put out their first issue I was a very fashion conscious young boy developing into a fashion conscious man. So it feels like fate intervened just recently to offer me the chance to write a column with Studio Bambini’s brand new website.

The photo to the left is of me going to primary school, 1981, as ‘goat boy’ and as you can see a lot of thought went into my outfit, from the boots right up to the wicker hat and the authentic goat boy grin.

It wasn’t until many years later – two minutes ago to be precise – that reality kicked in. I may have already been fashion conscious back then but I probably didn’t have ‘an eye’ for what was actually fashionable. Even in the 1980s dressing as a boy who herded goats would have been considered pretty ‘old school’.



Jump ahead a few years and you get a boy with a deeper voice sprouting an extra hair here and there and developing an eye for attracting the ladies.

I started to care less about what made me happy and comfortable, personally, and more about what would help me to stand out to the opposite sex.

This new focus could only improve my fashion sense, and it did, as you can see in the next picture. Note the tight blue jeans – which emphasize my strong knees – the cut-off sleeves on my Return Of The Dravic t-shirt and the real eye-catcher, my hair style. I designed it myself with a hair crimper I borrowed from my six year old sister. And I was able to work my magic despite Mum not letting me plug it in.



Another few years on and you can see the wheels turning in my fashion consciousness. Wow. Check out my hairstyle in the picture below. I’d just discovered the power of gel. Look at the flair on my school school-shirt collar! I clearly stand out as the golden child of fashion in this family portrait. I mean, Dad’s wearing a handlebar mustache and gold chain and I told him a thousand times that horizontal lines make you look fat so what was he thinking? Mum has some kind of bland parka to match her bland t-shirt (probably both bleached by White King) which is tucked under the brown belt of her ‘Harry high-pants’. My eldest sister Cally was obviously suffering from conjunctivitis at the time so I’ll leave her disgraceful floral jumper out of this. Even the fricken curtains are a calamity! At least Joanne, my youngest sister, is trying to emulate me by wearing cut-off sleeves but her hair could do with some serious crimping. Jesus, was Mum sleeping when this photo was taken? Or having some kind of seizure? And who took this photo anyway? That’s my whole family right there. So many questions!



The final photo I’d like to share with you exemplifies my lifelong dedication to fashion and you can see how my ‘style of attire’ matured as I came to trust my unique vision, and to shed the influence of other fashion heavyweights like Paul Hogan and Bjork. I don’t really need to point out the details that make this outfit scream. I’m really just including it here, for you, as a visual feast. Stare at this picture before you fall asleep and you will fly through your dreams, laughing with flamingos.



Anyway, the point of this post is not to showcase my fashion sense because my column with Studio Bambini won’t have anything to do with fashion. This week’s column for example is about how we might have to be conscious of the recent negativity that surrounds male sexuality when talking to our boys about sex. Here’s a snippet –

So there we were, me and my eight-year-old…

We sat on the sofa together as I covered basic facts about men and women and how babies were made. It went very well, I felt good about it and we promised to keep talking whenever more questions arose. But as the weeks went by I became more and more concerned about how much focus violent men were getting in the media, and how this might influence my son’s ideas of men and male sexuality.

The full article can be read here – How About Some Positive Messages For Our Boys?

Please visit the new page and let me know what you think about the current focus on bad male behavior and how this might be affecting our boys. Join the Studio Bambini Facebook Page to keep up to date with the latest print issues and to read more from their online columnists.

And then go buy yourself a nice beanie and a pair of thick green socks to go with you sandals. Go on. You’re worth it!

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