The following excerpt is from my Australian Writers’ Centre interview with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait, which I was very excited about and was excellent fun. (The comments in brackets may have been edited out of the podcast but I can assure you they definitely may have happened.) You can hear the whole podcast by clicking on this pink text


Valerie: Do tell us, you said that to get into the mood that you put your head phones in and blast out some 80s classics. If you had to pick your top three 80s classics to help you get into the mood for writing what would they be?

RD: Oh god. I always suffer with this sort of stuff. Rick Astley gets me going straightaway.

Valerie (distant, as if she’d dropped the phone and ran away): Oh my god!

Clint: I know, it’s terrible (it’s not terrible. I really love it). But, a little bit of Rick Astley.

And, Nik Kershaw, I like Nik Kershaw. I know they’re terrible, but I remember listening to Nik Kershaw at home, when I was a kid and then climbing trees and throwing pinecones at cars. I think that sort of joy is still there when I put Nik on.

Valerie (even more distant, sounding like Chewbacca, or someone dry-retching): Good Lord!

Clint: I saw him in an interview the other day — oh my god. He’s turned into this weaselly old man and he seems to regret his musical past, which was a massive let down for me. But… I know — terrible.

I listen to a lot of Culture Club — Boy George and the Culture Club — and Wham! which again, I used to listen to that in grade three all the time, holding a brush and singing to myself in the mirror. I went to a school dress-up once in grade three dressed as Boy George, and there was another boy there who was dressed up as Boy George as well. He ended up getting a little bit beaten up. It’s sad. The only reason I didn’t was because he had a wig on and I went without the wig.

Valerie (after the sound of a toilet flushing): I would not have picked those if I had to guess.

Clint: I’ve got some more disco type stuff (Rick Astley megamixes), which is what gets me going, but when I’m writing sort of hyped up blog posts — an example of what it’s like to get the kids out of bed and get on the road, when I’m writing that puts me right back in the mood (for drugs).

Most of the time when we get in the car and I’m driving the kids around — I’ve got this thing on the website which I’m working on called Fanging It Friday, which is basically me recording myself singing in the Tarago without the kids there, because music has always been like that for me. When it’s hectic crazy and I’m losing my mind and can’t find socks and the kids are saying, “I don’t care,” and shrugging their shoulders at me, not eating their food. Once we get in the car, we’re all there together, Gold 104 or something from my iPhone comes up and you turn it up full bore, I don’t know we’re just back in the swing of it again. It’s good fun. 

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