I really love giving stuff away. Sometimes I’ll take a thing I don’t want anymore – like an old TV or a life-size picture of David Hasslehoff – and put it on the nature strip and watch from behind the curtains until someone wanders by to take it home with them. It makes me feel all warm inside, and just a little superior, knowing that other people want to keep my rubbish.

So, when I was given the chance to offer people brand new stuff, that I hadn’t even owned yet, I was giddy with excitement and so…

It’s time to hand over the two House Husband Series 1 DVDs donated by Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment!

As you’ll remember from last week, I very logically tied the DVD giveaway into Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s deep hatred of Daddy bloggers and asked the question, ‘If Julia Gillard comes to my house for tea and scones, what question should I ask her?’

There were many great responses and I would love to make winners out of everyone who entered the competition but, unfortunately, there can be only two.

After much deliberation I decided to pick a winner from these two categories:

1. The Serious Question This made me nod seriously and think about world issues – like the eradication of certain types of bodily fissures and ensuring that families all over the globe have access to safe and clean ironing boards.

2. The Funny Question This made me laugh and conjured images of Julia and I rocking raucously in our chairs as we self-consciously wiped scone cream from our chins.



  1. Tony Camelleri for this question:

Given the difficulty of finding permanent foster care placements for kids (who are usually older and harder to place) would she be willing to extend the Paid parental leave and Dad and Partner pay schemes to cover families taking on a permanent foster kid?”

Currently the schemes are only available for the parents of kids born or adopted however permanent foster care is not a temporary situation. Discriminating against permanent foster kids in this way sets up a prejudice in the system for kids to completely sever their relationship with their birth parents which sucks.

  1. Bobbie for this question (and some great tips on what to wear)

A certain amount of formality is needed for such occasions, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable. Shirt, bow tie, tails, whole she-bang. For comfort you can’t beat boxers, satin of course. But perhaps you should purchase a crows pair, Jules is an Adelaide girl of course.

Now for the question. I think without a doubt there is one question on the minds of all Australians…. “So, does the carpet match the curtains???”


Tony and Bobbie – send you’re mailing details to

Thanks everyone for joining in. Sorry if you didn’t win. Just remember you can always come to my nature strip for something. Make sure you wave. I’ll be behind the curtains.

And to Julia… the invitation for tea and scones will remain open. Come to my house for a light-hearted discussion about anything that takes your fancy. Bring Tim so we can have a House Husbands’ fight to see who gets to deliver you a cup of tea. It’ll be fun!

Julia, Daddy bloggers aren’t so freaky. We’re a really nice bunch and you needn’t fear us. Just check out this video some House Husbands made for the German version of Play School.