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The highest point of this Ford sponsored experience is the opportunity I was gifted to give away two fuel-covered cars to some Reservoir Dad regulars.

If it wasn’t for the eyelid-eradicating triumph of being hunted by a major corporation because of typing my little pitter-patter thoughts about the world at large, I would have told Ford Australia to pass their Territory Titanium and their Ranger Wildtrak on to another couple who were more easily ‘sold out’ and ‘up themselves’ and likely to end up in a captioned photo promoting a promiscuous ‘swingers’ lifestyle.

And yet, taking Ford’s products into my life – for the promise of gifting the reader a significant prize – has led to an unexpected, more open and accepting view of the world.

To be blunt (I don’t know how else to say it): Ford cars are superior to all others.

I never cared about the automobile until two months ago and have been guilty of ridiculing people who – while wearing comparable mullets – could conjure a fight between car models such as Ford and Holden.

Sometimes, however, life throws something your way and you’re forced to adapt and evolve. And that’s what I have done here.

I simply love the cars that Ford have given me and alls I know is that I will experience a very significant loss when they take away my Ranger Wildtrak. And I simply want other people to feel how entranced I have become, so that they can suffer as I will soon suffer…




Do you remember the hit movie Titanic?

Imagine you are Leonardo Decarprio. You’re on the bough of the Titanic holding the Ford Ranger Wildtrak or the Ford Territory Titanium around the waist. She has her arms spread open into the wind and life for you has reached its peak. The next thing you experience is post-iceberg. You’re screaming as you lose hold of her pale hyperthermic tires and watch her sink to the depths of the pacific ocean.

That’s my life. They are coming to take my Wildtrak away from me this Thursday. It’s going to hurt. And I want you to experience the particularity of that suffering.

Watch the following video of me re-experiencing the dream of living inside the Ford Ranger Wildtrak (caution: some swearing). Be a ‘liker’ of both the Reservoir Dad and the Ford Australia Facebook Pages and identify one of the songs I’m singing for a chance to win a ten day, fuel-covered experience of either the Ford Territory Titanium or the Ford Ranger Wildtrak.

Two awesome cars. Two entrants randomly chosen to fall in love and to have their hearts broken. This gig just paid for itself. Comp ends Friday! Winners announced Monday 29 July.

Follow the prompts below. 

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