Archie-zombie-storyI felt a teary kind of joy when Archie came to me last week with his first, unprompted short story ever. I can’t tell you how happy it made me. I can’t describe how happy I felt for him.

I’ve been writing stories since I can remember. I used to draw (terribly) and write fantasy type stories in my early teens about kids being chosen to save the world from terrible evil. I’d staple all the pages together into little books.

As I got older I wrote a few love stories where I would serenade my current crush in front of the whole school (see Woman by John Lennon, Every Time You Go Away by Paul Young) and win the love and adoration of every pupil and teacher. I wrote some humorous stories about real schoolmates, mostly for laughs but sometimes (regretfully) with enough of an eye on detail to hurt feelings.  I also remember parts of an epic I wrote that had a whole host of characters fighting, and falling in love, and falling apart.

Archies-StoryI’ve always been a bit of a romantic, attracted to drama and craziness and exaggeration but I kept it to myself, for most of my life, for the most part. Writing has been a great outlet for me (Reservoir Mum has also copped a fair bit of it – bless her), and the Reservoir Dad website has been like a waterhole for me.

I can see similar traits in Archie and am so happy he has taken to reading and writing and story-telling. He’s also very expressive (when he’s not overcome by shyness) and I hope he gets to express himself through more avenues than I had available to me as I was growing up.

Anyway, he was very excited when I told him I wanted to share his very first short story on the Reservoir Dad website. Feel free to leave him a comment below. He will most likely want to respond.


Why Zombies Like Brains

by Archie


cartoon-zombieOnce upon a time there was only one person in the whole world. When he died he started to turn into a Zombie and when he turned into a Zombie more people were made and the Zombie got hungry.

So he turned angry and so angry that he said a word. And that word was brains, but he didn’t know what it meant.

One day he went to school and I think you know what they were learning about! Yes, brains. And finally he knew what it meant.

The teacher said Zombies like brains and he was a Zombie so he tried a brain and he liked it. That person turned into a Zombie and started to like brains too until all people were Zombies and they had babies, so there became more Zombies.

One day the world collapsed and it was gone.

All because of that one Zombie.

The End