My third article for website Writing Novels In Australia has been posted. Would love it if you could head over and leave a comment. Also, if you could leave a subtle hint to my agent Kylee Doust to stop floating aimlessly along the Canals of Venice sipping Affogato from a long thin glass and to get my manuscript back to me…

Here’s a section of the article –

Something Else.

My novel Waxy-Flexy is currently in the hands (or on the desk, or maybe under the dirty clothes beside the bed) of my agent Kylee Doust. It’s been there for three months now and I’m not sure if a page has actually been turned or if it’s been read twice through and is simply awaiting her comment.  I’m keeping it real. I’m just this guy from Reservoir. I wear the same shorts all year round and only shave when someone runs away from me screaming ‘Mutant Meerkat!’  

Kylee has a list of high profile international authors who dress nice and speak many languages and change their pants almost every day so I’m respecting my place in the pecking order and not bothering her too much. (Yes, this article is my way of inquiring about my novel indirectly. G’day Kylee.)

The time has passed quickly and you may be surprised to hear that I haven’t been thinking about the novel much at all. I haven’t been checking my email every day, or wondering if she likes it, or considering the possible outcomes because, as Liam Neeson says in Taken, ‘I have developed a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career.’

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