Important Dates

SundaysWithDyson1This Sunday August 21 is the final day we will be accepting entries for 2011. The judges will work through each entry and choose the Top Five Most Mentally Sexy Dads by giving a score out of ten for each of the following criteria –

  • Sincerity – Does the entrant seem sincere in his effort to be Mentally Sexy?
  • Originality – How original is the entry? How hard did this guy try to be Mentally Sexy?
  • X Factor – Is there something special about this entry that sets it apart from the crowd? Something extra Mentally Sexy?
  • Sustainability – From the information provided does it seem the entrant will be able to maintain Mental Sexiness long-term? Or is this a flash in the pan attempt at glory?
  • Judge’s Preference – On a scale from 1 – 10, how do you relate to this entry?

The top five – those with the highest total scores – will then be announced on Father’s Day September 9.

The top five will be sent back to the judges who will have the chance to compare, exercise some personal bias and rescore. The 2011 Most Mentally Sexy Dad will then be announced and interviewed on Radio National’s Life Matters on a date to be revealed. (If you missed my interview on Life Matters last Monday you can hear it here).


Available Prizes

  • For the Top Five and winner Dyson have provided some great prizes. To see all prizes visit the Mentally Sexy Prize Page.
  • Still available to every entrant is the possibility to win two The DC34 Animal Hand Held Vacuums ($349). To win you just have to have an entry up and keep you’re fingers crossed. Damon Young and Rachel Power will choose the winners in the next two weeks.
  • There are still three opportunities for entrants to win the ClearScreens Dad Of The Week. The winners will be chosen by Mentally Sexy Staff Member Paul Gooden and receive $100 of ClearScreen Sunscreen Wipes. The winner’s mentally sexy photo will also be displayed at the Facebook Page picture for that week. Check every Monday to see the winner.


  • We have secured a prize for The People’s Choice Award which will be awarded to the entry with the most star votes on their ‘Mentally Sexy Meter’. This voting system can be found on your entry page in the top right-hand corner. This will stay open until September 23. If there is a draw we will then look to the average to decide the winner. The prize for the winner this year is a Dyson Air Multiplier™ Pedestal Fan (RRP$599). I have included the thirty entrants with the highest scores below. At the moment James is sitting up top with 39 votes! I will give a few updates over the next few weeks detailing the changes in scores.
  • Free Mentally Sexy T-Shirts – I am still waiting for the t-shirts to get back from the printers but I have been assured I will have them this early next week. Every entrant will receive a t-shirt. If you participated in the Mentally Sexy Social Media Drive (still time) you will also receive a t-shirt. Apologies for the delay but they will get to you.


The People’s Choice Award – Current Top 30

James 39 (9.2), Steve 30 (9.0), Alex  29 (9), Phillip  27 (9.6), Ealsey,  24 (9.1), Andrew 24 (7.6), Simon 22 (8.7), Bill 20 (9.1), Jeff M  19 (9.4), Ian 19 (9.2), Damien 18 (8.1), Allan  16 (7.6), Clive  18 (9.5), Tristan  18 (7.9), Robert   16 (6.0), Andrew T 16 (8.8), ‘Map Guy’ 15 (6.5), Bruce 14 (9.1), Daniel E 13 (9.3), Chris N 13 (9.3), Troy 12 (9.4), Sam 11 (10), Chris Allen 11 (9.9), Thommo  11 (9.2), Jarrad  10 (10), Aaron 10 (5.5), Murray 10 (9), Julian 10 (9.7), Jeff  9 (10), Gordon 9 (10)

Entrants had a lot of fun with this last year, starting comprehensive marketing campaigns using email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter to encourage friends, family and others to vote.So get to it!

That’s a wrap! We’re heading down the home straight. It’s been a great ride so far and thanks to everyone for being involved and making it such a great success.