‘I’m thinking about taking a week off writing. Having a bit of a break,’ I say to Reservoir Mum, for about the tenth time in a few days. ‘I think I might need to refresh after finishing the book. Whattaya think?’

I mean refresh…

‘Do whatever you want?’ RM says. ‘If you feel like taking some time off then take some time off. If you feel like writing then do some writing. Don’t put pressure on yourself either way.’

‘Yeah, far out,’ says Archie. ‘Don’t put pressure on yourself.’

‘And if you feel like doing some drawing just draw, Dad,’ Lewis says.

‘And sit on the toilet,’ Tyson says.

‘Oh wow, listen to my hoighty-toighty family of experts pointing out how I’m making a big deal out of nothing,’ I say, waving my hands in the air. ‘Maybe I’ll just go draw a picture of myself sitting on the toilet! Hey? Whataya all think about THAT!’


*Glitter and moustache added by nine year old Archie after I had finished the picture.