When I opened this series of kid-throwing pics from the Cayman Islands, featuring children Sienna, Olivia and Broc, and sent in by Mum Elissa, I felt an awareness of energy flowing through my crown chakra and a fierce buzzing in my base chakra.

The Spiritual Edition

The last time I felt something similar I was wearing a full American Indian headdress and meditating inside a three meter pyramid, in the corner of a mud-brick temple on the outskirts of Warrnambool, Victoria. That period of my history has laid dormant in the recesses of my mind for most of the past twenty years, only surfacing for a moment when I feel the need to ridicule a trance medium, or a horoscope phone line. But today’s kid-throwing pics took me back there with a different mindset.

It’s funny because just tonight Reservoir Mum gave Lewis one of the crystals she keeps in an old jewellery box and he showed it to me. When I went to tuck him in I was having flashbacks to my seedy ‘new age’ past filled with underworld modalities like hands-on healing, Tarot Card readings, sandalwood-incense, aura-cleansing, spirit guide summoning and yes; crystal therapy.

I lay down with Lewy and rubbed his back and ran through a few interesting facts and myths about crystals. I told him he was holding an Amethyst Crystal that had taken thousands of years to form by a process that required an unfathomable amount of energy. I told him that many people attribute certain healing capabilities to Amethyst Crystals. It’s a crystal worn by ‘healers’ because of its power to focus spiritual energy. It’s thought to heal people of negative emotions, fears and cravings. And because Lewis has been having some nightmares lately I told him that when placed under a pillow an Amethyst Crystal brings pleasant dreams.

Lewis was pretty happy with all that and when I left him he was smiling with his eyes closed, his Amethyst Crystal snug under his pillow.

It was then that I sat down with some of the regular stimulants in my life – Noopept, caffeine, 80s and 90s dance classics – so that I could belt out a post for ‘Throw Your Kids Thursday’.

If I’m honest I wasn’t really in the mood for it. It was only after I opened the amazing kid-throwing pics featured here that the fuse was lit and the fingers started tapping.


First thing I felt as I gazed upon the family snaps, post chakra-buzzing, was that I wanted to be there. A strange thing really because I’m not a traveller – I’ve never found anything in the world more exotic or interesting or disturbing or depressing than what I find inside my own braincase – and on examining it further I fell across a kind of epiphany.

Unlike my days of alternative therapies, those three kids – Sienna, Olivia and Broc – rising from the water towards the sun, are experiencing something truly spiritual. There’s nothing more pivotal to the human experience than to fly and fall within an environment of presumed safety. It’s wonderful. And maybe that tingling I felt was a remembrance of the times in my life when I’ve experienced something similar.

When you’re a child you should have certain privileges in your life –

  • to sleep peacefully on your tummy, completely supported by the body of a parent, the rise and fall of Mum or Dad’s breathing affirming your importance and place in the world.
  • to be held in the same pairs of arms over and over again and to know that they are always there for you, and for many different reasons; for protection, for love, for fun, for solace…
  • to unfold and grow into the world with a brazen confidence, assuming the constant gaze of people who have always been there – just for you – and always will be.
  • to play, to wrestle and to fly to the sky, filled to the brim with exhilaration because you know that when you fall back to earth you’ll be safe, and celebrated.

I played around with a lot of that crazy ‘new age’ stuff in my late teens because I felt a little lost, I think, and I was searching for the similar feelings I’m reading into Elissa’s pictures. But I didn’t find that child-like spirituality again until I became a Dad. This is why, I think…

The crown chakra opens for the brilliance of a baby being born; for the miracle in the way it grows; for the joy in watching it fly away from you, and the base chakra buzzes for how a child keeps you grounded in the day to day tasks; for the trust they demand of you; for how they fall back to you again and again, for the rest of your life.

And how wonderful it is to feel that weight in your arms!


A big thanks to Elissa for sharing these great pictures.

If you’d like to sumbit your own kid-throwing pics contact me here.