Thrown your kids this week? I have. It was awesome. Jonathan H. Liu from Geek Dad is kid-throwing exponent as well and sent me an excellent image with the comment:

She’s Flying!

‘Just saw your ‘Throw Your Kids’ on Facebook, and had to share mine. I’ve been throwing my kids for years, but wasn’t always able to get good photos. Here are a couple when my oldest daughter was three (pictured) and my second daughter was a year old. They both liked to go REALLY high, though it was generally limited by how far my wife would allow me to toss them.’

I always get a kick out of the expression in these photos. Check out that face! She really thinks she’s flying and she’s letting go completely with her arms out, wing-like. That kind of enthusiasm is only possible when there’s absolute trust. And we only have to look at Dad – with his eyes on the prize – to know where the trust has come from. Sweet. (And look at the tiny blurry face in the background. Everyone’s happy!)

You can send me your own kid-throwing pic here. Now on to this week’s shares!



Mysigony In The Media (again)

Maria Tendeschi @Mums_Word has written a great article about some disturbing misogynistic commentary on three popular news stories. The four men in the Fox news video are so outdated in their views that my disgust was overwhelmed by amazement and I ended up laughing at their pathetic, child-like ranting. A must see!

Are We Going To Hell In A Hand Basket?



Diving Through The Data

Jonathan H. Liu @geekdads (who provided the excellent pic above) lets us in on his approach to dealing with a common problem – information overload. There’s a bit of resignation in the tone of this post because Jonathan still wants to ingest everything! As usual there’s some really eye-opening and engaging stats.

The Freedom Of Impossibility



Parenting Strong-Willed Kids

Reservoir Mum and I have two strong-willed children and I have really struggled at times over the years with the best way to parent them. I found this article to be so great on the subject that I got a little jittery with excitement. I’ve always had an innate feeling that trying to make a child obey you by ‘breaking their will’ was wrong and detrimental to their development. This approach is respectful, loving and child-focussed. The ten tips are spot on. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Parenting A Strong-Willed Child



A Very Funny Video Clip

Right, now that all the intellectual and good parenting/child-rearing related material is out of the way, I’d like to share a YouTube clip that made me and Reservoir Mum laugh our heads off. Featuring Robyn & Sean Combs and Paul Rudd. This is the kind of humour that helps to keep us forging ahead as a united front. It is NSFW. Enjoy!