You can tell a lot about a person by the way they throw a kid.

Take Dave in this picture – sent by his sister Danni – for example.

Kid Throwing – A Personality Indicator!

The straight-backed posture is indicative of a strong character and the ability to focus on the task at hand.

The keen eye on the prize – son Spencer – tells me that he’s a self motivator, a go-getter, who coincidentally doesn’t want his baby to fall.

The outstretched arms awake the ‘awww’ in me; yes he is strong but he has the soft centre of a man who adores his family.

The Gold Coast Sun’s singlet suggests a kind heart and a willingness to help the less fortunate while the curtains in the background tell me he’s a genuine soul, grounded in spirituality, with no desire to accumulate nice things.

Thanks Danni, Dave and Spencer for this wonderful picture. It’s a scene of love being re-launched, of trust being remembered and reaffirmed.

And thanks to all who are sending me their kid-throwing pics.If you would like to join the fun send your picture to me here.

And on to this week’s shares!



Sticking With The Theme

You may have noticed there’s been of a vasectomy theme going on here (for the past 18 months… I’m getting there, I promise). Thanks to Evil Genius Mum for sharing this article – a vasectomy story from a female perspective. Very funny.

The Greatest Story Ever Told



Adopting A Flexibile Approach

There’s a few exciting things happening behind the scenes in my life at the moment, which is requiring RM and I to restructure things at home for a while (will fill you in when all’s confirmed) so this article by Fox In Flats pricked my interest. I’m not a woman, I know that, but the subject is very relevant to me right now.

“Women these days are so ambitious

and can’t wait to off-load their kids to childcare”



Getting Out To Play

The How To Be A Dad guys are guns in the Dad Blogging game and I was lucky enough to have a brief internet chat with one of the creators, Charlie Capen, about various blogging and vlogging related subjects. Here’s their latest video on getting out of the house to play – without all the fun and fail and triumph that comes with it.

Epic Day Of Play



Convos With A Two Year Old

I also found this video – Conversations With My Two Year Old – on the How To Be A Dad site. It’s just freaking hilarious and cool and sweet all at the same time. You can subscribe to the ConvosWith2YrOld YouTube account by clicking here