As well as being a bonding experience for those involved, kid-throwing can give the thrower a cross-fit kind of workout-thrill by engaging on an anaerobic and aerobic level. Here’s a quick two minute workout that can get the lungs working at the same time that it builds strength in the upper body and core muscles of the midsection. I call it…

Saffron Can Fly!

RD’s T.A.C.K Fitness Challenge

Throw And Catch Kid – 3 sets of 10 repetitions, one minute rest between sets. Perform three times over the course of the day.

Some points and variations to keep in mind:

  • I only recommend throwing a child over 18 months old for reasons pertaining to head size and neck strength. A baby’s head is heavy in proportion to its body and isn’t as well supported by still developing neck muscles. And you’ll know by your child’s reaction if they’re into it and ready or not. If you don’t see the wide-eyed smiling and hear the squeals of delight, I’m sorry, but you’ll need to stick to more traditional forms of exercise.
  • If you have multiple children of various ages you have the opportunity to vary your training to use different weights. I aim to progressively get stronger by kid-throwing as my kids get older and have a personal goal to throw Archie ten times in a row at his 21st Birthday Party. If you’d like me to personalise a training routine for you send your childrens’ ages and weight here with the subject ‘Kid-Throwing Routine’.
  • Even though it is one of the most fun things for a kid to be involved with, they can get bored. If some weeks pass and your child is mid-air and eyeing off last week’s Newspaper on the kitchen table or checking it’s wrist-watch, it’s time to take a break for a few weeks.
  • Having said that you can jazz it up a little by varying the throwing routine and changing things like location, what music is playing, kid-throwing in groups and combining kid throwing with other activities like running, swimming and Rumba classes.


A big thanks to Alan Moyle of Photobat for sending in this great pic (above) of fun and hilarity with his gorgeous daughter Saffron. Here’s what he had to say, Only took about ten throws. My wife started to express her concern of my abilities at throw five. But I kicked gravity’s butt each time. You can see more of Saffron and Alan’s photography skills at 365Saffron.

As always, feel free to send in some of your kid-throwing pics to share with me right here.

Right, on to today’s shares. I decided to find worthy articles related to some of the things that happened in my week. Here there are –


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Poor Lewy copped a bout of Gastro this week and was on the couch in the lounge for two days. Wasn’t very nice. This extremely funny Gastro-related article by Charlie Brooker of The Guardian added some much needed levity to the situation.

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Maintained Reservoir Dad

I’ve written a lot for this website and love doing it and through it have met some great, fun people who blog as well. It’s a passion for many of us, a way to do something for ourselves, our families and others. So I was a bit pissed off by this snipey article by Ros Reines of The Sunday Telegraph on the contribution of parenting bloggers to the Aussie online community. Get stuffed Ros (but thanks for providing links to some great Mummy and Daddy bloggers).

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Worked Hard As CEO Of Domestic Affairs

Thanks to @adeledrago who shared this article with me today. It’s an indication that the continuing drive for equality is still shaping society and providing options for men, women and families. SA-weet!

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I am constantly sleep-deprived like many parents. I was very happy to find this video by the Sydney Symphony. A funny dedication to the stay at home parent role. Go SAHPs!