As soon as Reservoir Mum said, ‘I’ll try to find that picture of you throwing Archie,’ I knew the one she meant and took a whimsical mind trip back to the day it happened.

We were renting in Coburg, only a few months from moving to Reservoir, and Archie was no more than six months old. 

My First Ever Kid-Throw!

I was a very nervous first time Dad – checking on Archie every few hours overnight to see if he was breathing, holding him like he was a skin-bag of Nitroglycerine, pointing out every little skin-blemish to RM as I screamed ‘Oh my God! Is he going to die?!’

Throwing him – just a little at first – was a turning point for me. The more he giggled and smiled the more it occurred to me that babies are not so fragile and that the ‘rough-and-tumble’ can be a great developer of viable humans.

I threw him a little higher and started laughing with him and when he started squealing with excitable baby fervour the experience morphed into one of those moments.

RM ran for the camera as I kept throwing with a teary kind of joy, and every time Archie dropped into my arms he looked right at me with those big bright eyes begging for more.

The rest of the world and every concern disappeared.

There was just the three of us – a brand new little family – with so much yet to discover and explore, all laughing together in a moment we will never forget, and if this series does anything I hope it encourages others to get out there and throw their kids into a memory so strong it will even live through their inevitable dementia.

If you’ve got a favourite child throwing pic in the family album and you want to share, send it over to Don’t hesitate.

Go, run to your children right now. Throw them.

And here are some posts/articles I’ve really enjoyed this week.


An interesting article in The Huffington Post by Aaron Gouveia of The Daddy Files. He’s over manufacturers using the ‘dumb Dad’ cliché to sell baby products. I’m with him on this. What do you think?

It’s Time To Stop Treating Dads Like Idiots



Big Bruce From Big Family Little Income is one of the blogs I go back to for its consistent quality and laughs. This post will be relatable to any parent who has ever had a child who has lost something crucial just as the family is in a mad rush out the door. (And that’s every parent.)

Lost Souls 



Anther Huffington Post article by another Dad, Steve Wiens. This one is a great reflective piece on the stressors  that parents suffer while living out the dream of a wonderful, happy family.

To The Parents Of Small Children: Let Me Be The One Who Says It.


And a video to finish. I’m a Will Ferrell fan. His humor is just full-on sensational. Reservoir Mum interrupted me during a busy writing session last night to show me this and we both laughed our arses off. Here’s Will facing eviction by a one year old landlord. 

The Landlord