Oh man, I feel like putting on my platform shoes and polishing the giant knob on my golden disco cane because I’ve barely hit the ground running with this crazy new Throw Your Kids Thursday scheme and readers are already flocking to join in.

I already have photos of parents throwing their kids, man. I do! And I love it so much.

To The Moon Tom!

When I see parents throwing their kids high in the air I see two things 1) utter joy, and 2) a small risk of injury to the thrower and the throwee. And both those things are great. There needs to be some risk for play to deliver real developmental rewards. Doesn’t there? That’s what I reckon.

Today’s picture comes from Alison. She’s sent in this sensational picture and says –

Here’s a picture of my husband throwing our son Tom up in to the air on the day of his 3rd Birthday. According to Tom he went so high he nearly touched the moon.

Aww, that’s so freaking cute. Look at Tom go! I bet his Dad looked like an ant from up there.

If you’ve got a favourite child throwing pic in the family album and you want to share, send it over to reservoirdad@gmail.com. Don’t hesitate.

And here are some posts/articles I’ve really enjoyed this week.



Straight in to it with this eye-opener. This was Tweeted to me by Victoria Schmidt @Mamabear. I had no idea vaginas could be so strong. But I am so glad I know now.

Russian Gymnist Has World’s Strongest Vagina



Aussie Daddy Bloggers are running a series of posts leading up to Mother’s Day and this one by YDad is the standout for me so far. Watch his hypnotising, mesmerising cupcake video.

Proof That Dads Can Bake, Kinda



Lana Hirschowitz of The Sharpest Pencil wonders why there are so many wars in the blogging world and wonders if it’s all a bit insular. She compares herself – the blogger – to her non-blogging friends.

Here’s The Thing About Blogging I Just Don’t Get



And finally here’s a very funny, extremely un-PC video for sleep-deprived, noise polluted parents that Reservoir Mum showed me this week. Watch below.