Merry Christmas! I’m listening to Rat In Mi Kitchen by UB40 so I’m not sure how this’ll pan out…

I’m totally knackered because this year we’ve knocked down our old house and we’re building our new house and we’ve got a new baby and we’ve cramped ourselves in with the in-laws and I can honestly say that the past several months have been the most stressful of my entire life. All jokes aside, the weight of change, the lack of personal space and the very real threat of death at the hands of my in-laws has led me to one of the darkest moments of my life – all Ipod-ed up, RD-ROCK-STARcrooning to arse-ist John Farhnam singing the vomitous (but hypnotising) ‘A Touch Of Paradise. I was seeking solitude in the in-laws toilet (that I had just been instructed to clean for the thousandth time). Merry Christmas John Farnham, you melancholy, hippy prick.

It’s also been a real struggle for the kids. They’ve been ripped out of the only home they’ve known and shoved into a small room together at the in-laws and even though Reservoir Mum and myself, and Nanny and Gramps, have been doing our best to keep the stressors at bay their routine has been interrupted and their usual structures compromised. There’s a feeling – for RM and myself – that we’re treading water and that our lives are on hold. We’ve done our best to shield the kids from this reality but it’s a tough task and we’ve seen the struggle in the kids too – in their behavior and in the things they say.

12052011287So here I am failing to keep it brief and saying thanks to everyone who has visited the RD website in 2011. I’ve made some good friends, learnt some things about myself, and have been really challenged in my thinking a few times. It’s been a real stress release, a way to debrief and re-energise myself and – without getting too dramatic – without your support I would probably be dead or investing in John Farhnam paraphernalia.

So I might take just a bit of a break and set to work on getting rid of this mental rat in my kitchen. I’m going to fix that rat real good. That’s what I’m a gunna do. It’ll take a week or so to pep myself up. I’ll let you know when I’m back.

In the meantime I’ll share the top ten (most viewed) posts of 2011 and say, desperately – and while swiveling my hips in a circular motion, anti-clockwise and with the occasional forward thrust – THANK YOU.

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