I had a great time at the Nuffnang Blogopolis Conference on the weekend. Great speakers, passionate people, plenty of inspiration. The after drinks was also a highlight where I partied with Yay For HomeGlowlessPlanning with KidsStyling YouMagneto Bold TooMoment By MomentToushka Lee, Good Goog, Sleepless NightsCarly Findlay. Plenty of good commentary on the conference if you follow the links to their websites.

And this morning as I was taking a few minutes to pen some Mentally Sexy Updates while Lewis and Tyson were bouncing the tramp I got a tweet from Glowless pointing towards some pics she’d taken of the night and despite being almost completely atheist, I couldn’t help but ponder my fate. Was this always going to happen, is this simply a reflection of the way the world turns, or is this some strange quirk in my genetic make-up?

Ahh, it doesn’t matter. The thing is, I feel an overwhelming calm, I feel centered, I feel as if I have finally discovered my true purpose because today I was featured in an original Glowless musical montage. (I’m in there about half way through but my O Face – so says Reservoir Mum – is at the end with Yay For Home.)