DrSnipPopular American website The Good Men Project has picked up the video I made of my vasectomy with the good Doctor Snip and published it in the Dads & Families section of the site. If you’ve come over from The Good Men Project looking for the eight Vasectomy Diary Entries you will find them below. For others here’s a snippet of the article I provided them to go with it:

“It was on the way there that I had the idea to film my vasectomy. I had an hour to mull it over and every discussion I had with myself about it was won by the for team – it was a crazy idea, it was potentially very humorous, it was unique as far as I knew; and at the same time it had the potential to demystify a procedure that many men were terrified of.

I was booked in for a local anaesthetic. I was getting the job done fully conscious, aware of my surroundings and of the fact that my vas deferens were being pulled from the safety of my scrotum, slashed apart and shoved back inside. The Doc and Nurse were deep inside my personal space, inviting an awkward conversation.

I’m Reservoir Dad. What else was I going to do but film it?”

Read the full article and video – Reservoir Dad Interviews Doctor And Assistant During His No Scalpel Vasecomy


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