We all want to be sexier to our wives. It’s just that we don’t know how to make that happen. I mean, I tried doing push-ups and wearing multi-colored Y-fronts… but shit, I dunno…’ – Brian, Mentally Unattractive Dad, Hexam.

After reading an article at Dad Blogs that suggests that sexiness to a woman is as much mental as it is physical the people at Reservoir Dad have decided to search for Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad to serve as a guide for all of us who are interested in becoming more attractive to our wives and staying that way for eternity.

The contest begins in earnest next Monday with a photo of our first Dad engaged in a mentally sexy activity while wearing the official Reservoir Dad Most Mentally Sexy Underwear which will combine the visual with the mental and deliver the killer punch


Picture 008

Dad’s from all over Australia are welcome to email Reservoir Dad (see right) to enter this heated contest. Please provide a short paragraph detailing your Mentally Sexy activities and how these have impacted on your relationship with your wife. See these recent entries as examples –

“I sometimes will just rub her hair and touch her arm, like in an affectionate way, and also try to listen to her talk and then… just leave it at that, you know, without trying for anything else. This is a new thing for me. And usually, a few hours later or the next day I’ll catch her looking at me weird, like in a sexy way…’


‘I clean the toilet. I have also started making the kids lunches before we go to bed so that she feels less pressured and more relaxed. I’m going to try some other stuff because it’s made a big difference – our ‘snookins’ time has increased by twenty-five percent, she touches my butt sometimes as she walks past me and we both seem happier more often. Oh, and she’s also started taking photos of me and putting them on her Facebook Page.’

The people at Reservoir Dad will choose contestants based on strict selection criteria. In fifty weeks, at competitions end, a panel of women will select the top twelve Most Mentally Sexy Dads for a 2011 Calendar which will serve as a visual guide to Mentally Unattractive Dads everywhere.