Originaly posted to the Reservoir Dad Facebook Page May 2011


11 May, 2011

I will never ever compromise my values to attract more ‘likers’ to this fan page. But I will remove a piece of clothing for every new liker I get today.

I am wearing – socks, two jocks, tights, pair of jeans under my trackies, shoes, swimming vest, singlet, t shirt, polo shirt, jumper, jacket, beanie, woolly mittens.

If enough interest is shown I’ll post a ‘result photo’. Hoping to get at least a few. Sweating up a storm.


May 12, 2011

Thanks to the new ‘likers’ joining up for the cyber stip tease. Your persistence has left me in a vulnerable position because it seems there’s been a communication problem.

When I said I would provide a ‘result photo’ I actually meant I was going to take a picture of the pile of clothes that was mercilessly stripped from my body. I honestly thought that was pretty clear.

So, to be certain – did you really expect a nude photo of me?


May 12, 2011 (a little later)

Right then. Reseveroir Mum has insisted I stop trying to back peddle on promises and just put the photo up. The final piece of clothing was torn asunder late last night by new liker Meg. Thanks to the other new likers for participating in the cyber strip tease.

Let’s just keep this between us though. Okay?





The Infamous Cyber Strip Tease