After sending in the first draft of my self titled book Reservoir Dad to the editors of Random House last week I was prepared to forget all about it until it was returned to me with a long list of carefully phrased criticism and a few coats of red pen but then this comes along and I’m just a tad freaked out and happy

There I am (see pic below) on the same list as David Malouf, on an official Random House newsletter, as part of the Random 10 Publishers Pick’s for 2014.

For the moment I will accept that this is all really happening because I’ve talked to Reservoir Mum and a few other people who claim to be able to see it as well. But reality is a funny thing and so I plan to do further research, just in case, by Googling ‘Am I having an aneurism?’ and ‘Am I Alice in Wonderland?’ and ‘Why am I only number eight on this list?’

To check the list out on the Random House website, where you can follow links to more info on the book and my profile, and information on the other authors, click here.