Let me set the scene. 

It was just after midnight and I had been trying to film one particular scene for my ‘Sympathetic Pregnancy’ video for over an hour. I was coming off a rough couple of nights and desperate to get to bed. If you look closely you’ll see the sleep-debt horror in my glassy eyeballs and I think that was the major contributor to my inability to say the word ‘symptoms’. It took me exactly 38 takes and several trips into insanity before I nailed the scene.

Yesterday I was getting ready to make another video weblog when I thought I’d better delete some of the mis-takes to clear some hard-drive space but watching the footage over again I decided I should collect the craziest bits into one short clip so that the doctors at the asylum can watch it for clues, when they’re searching for ways to cure me.

If you still think I’m a fully functional human after watching the video below I’ll probably be seeing you in the asylum. Hopefully we can get rooms next to each other. We can be friends!

Once you’ve watched the bloopers video you can watch the completed Sympathetic Pregnancy video here.