An article of mine ‘Ten Things I Have Learnt As A Stay-At-Home Dad’ is being featured over at Nicole Avery’s (The Planning Queen) popular website Planning With Kids.

If you’ve just ventured over from Planning With Kids, welcome. Have a look around, enjoy the 80s tunes and enter yourself (if you’re a Dad) or your partner (if you’re the partner of a great Dad) in The 2011 Most Mentally Sexy Dad Contest. You can also join the Mentally Sexy Facebook Page.

If you’re a regular to Reservoir Dad head over and have a read of my article and then take some time to cruise the other great content there.

Nicole and her husband have five kids and Nicole has built her website to share her skills and insights on organising a busy home life. I stumbled across it last year (as you often do with the more popular websites) when I was searching for a weekly menu planner and discovered exactly what I was looking for, plus some great recipes for families.

As well as the website, Nicole’s book Planning with Kids has just been released. Keep your ears and eyes open because she’ll be out in media-land discussing it from here on in. Here’s a snippet from her website –

Planning With Kids is a parenting book with a difference. Its emphasis is not on telling you how to parent, but to show ways you can become organised to leave more time for parenting. The book is published by Wright Books and will be available in book stores from May 1, 2011.

The philosophy is to streamline the known repetitive tasks of family life (eating, cleaning, getting ready for school etc), so you can then better manage the unpredictable but the inevitable (sick kids, fighting, tantrums etc).

To order her book go here.