Entries are now open for 2011.Enter yourself, your partner, your brother or friend. If he’s a Mentally Sexy Dad in your eyes he qualifies!

How To Enter

NOTE – Wearing Mentally Sexy Clothing is now optional. If you do not want to wear the competition clothing you can simply enter your favorite photo with your spiel via the Mentally Sexy Entry Form. If you would like to wear the clothing follow the steps below.

  1. Go here to send Reservoir Dad your Mentally Sexy Spiel (why you think you are the World’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad). Include your mailing address and choose what item of clothing you would like to wear, from this list, in your Mentally Sexy Photo.
  2. Once you have received the item in the mail, take your Mentally Sexy Photo wearing it. Be as creative as possible. Impress the judges.
  3. Go here again and resend you spiel along with your photo

Where To Find The Entries

Entries will be featured here at Reservoir Dad. To review all past official entrants go to our Meet The Sexy Dads page.


The Mentally Sexy Judges (2011 Judges to be announced soon) will choose the Top Five Most Mentally Sexy Dads by giving a score out of ten for each of the following criteria –

Sincerity – Does the entrant seem sincere in his effort to be Mentally Sexy?

Originality – How original is the entry? How hard did this guy try to be Mentally Sexy?

X Factor – Is there something special about this entry that sets it apart from the crowd? Something extra Mentally Sexy?

Sustainability – From the information provided does it seem the entrant will be able to maintain Mental Sexiness long-term? Or is this a flash in the pan attempt at glory?

Judge’s Preference – On a scale from 1 – 10, how do you relate to this entry?