Eighteen months have passed since I posted the term Mentally Sexy on this website for the first time. And eighteen months since the first contestant entered the Most Mentally Sexy Contest. It’s been a crazy, tiring, exciting and rewarding journey for me but only because so many people, seeing merit in the idea, have gone out of their way to participate and support the competition – the contestants and their families, the judges, sponsors, journalists, TV producers and others.

With entries closing on August 21, and the strong possibility that the comp is in its last year, we’re doing a bit of a Mentally Sexy Social Media Drive to reach a few more people, attract a few more entries and provide a few more great role models. The Northern Dads Group, The Mentally Sexy Staff, Celebrity Dad Dylan Lewis and Dyson are on board to spread the word and send the comp through the roof.

We’d also like to take it a bit further and ask if you can help to spread the word by Tweeting, Facebooking and emailing the blurbs below with one of the links provided. It would be greatly appreciated. We’ve tried to make it easy so that you can simply cut and paste the blurbs below and share one of the three links provided for Facebook/email.

If you do share some of the information let me know by leaving a comment below this post with your name and email, or Twitter handle, or Facebook Page so that I can include you in a thank you/update post here next week. (Comments have to be approved so allow for some delay before they appear).

Also, everyone who shares the information will receive a Most Mentally Sexy Dad T-shirt provided by Dyson (until the supply is exhausted – only 60 left so don’t dilly-dally).

We’ve had a total of 97 completed entries. It would be a great thing to push it way over 100.

Get mentally Sexy folks. Or get left behind.


Facebook/Email Blurb

The Most Mentally Sexy Dad Contest promotes Dads who challenge gender role stereotypes. If you think you’re a great hands-on Dad, or you are the partner of a great Dad enter now. Great prizes, media opportunities and even celebrity Dads! Entries close August 21!

Share one of these three pages with the blurb –

What is Mentally Sexy – https://www.reservoirdad.com/mentally-sexy-2010/what-is-mentally-sexy

Current Entrants Page – https://www.reservoirdad.com/2011-mentally-sexy-entrants

Online entry form – https://www.reservoirdad.com/submission


Twitter Blurb

Are you a hands-on Dad? Are you the partner of a great Dad? Enter The Most Mentally Sexy Contest now. Entries close soon https://www.reservoirdad.com/2011-mentally-sexy-entrants