How Are Parents And Parenting Portrayed In Popular Media?

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Dec 4, 2102

Obesity a threat from baby’s first bite

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funny-drunk-kidDid you know that your child is overweight because of what you were eating before they were born?

For the past forty years the recommended diet for a healthy lifestyle was one that was 60% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 10% fat with lots of cereal, fruit and vegetables.

But now you open the paper and read this article and are overwhelmed with guilt.

‘Too much mashed fruit, which was high in carbohydrates, could be bad,’ Prof Funder said.

So that’s a no to carbohydrates, and no to fat, which leaves… a high protein diet. But doesn’t that give you kidney disease, or high blood pressure. And isn’t some protein converted to sugar anyway? Ahh, whatever…

So, basically, that muffin top bulging over your pre-teen’s pants is there because you followed the standard dietary advice, did exactly as your doctor and nutritionist told you and fed your children cereal and fruit and formula when they were babies and toddlers.

If this is true it’s your stupid fault World Health Organisation. Go look at the ‘healthy food pyramid’ you pushed on us relentlessly as we were making our way through our school years you brain-washing, know-it-all, back-flipping, finger-pointing arseholes. I want to see an article where you say, ‘We stuffed up. The diet we recommended was wrong. Truth is, we don’t know what the hell we’re doing. Please take legal action against us and you will be compensated for every lifestyle illness we have created in you and your family.’

Oh, and just to make sure no one else knows what the hell is going on they throw this in,

… a mother who dieted during her pregnancy (also) ran the risk of making her child fat.


December 8, 2012

One in four 10 and 11-year-olds unsupervised for more than an hour, study reveals

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home_aloneLet’s preface this by saying that the article was based on a survey done by The Federal Government’s Growing Up in Australia Study where they interviewed 10,000 kids and asked them to recall details from the previous year of their life. Seems like a reliable way to gather information, doesn’t it? (Answer: no)

You’re a bad parent because you left your 10+ year old child at home alone despite the fact that he/she’s perfectly capable and you’ve taken precautions, and even though you know your children better than everyone (even those experts who are threatening to FINE you for managing your OWN children).

Here’s Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary stating the obvious for everyone.

‘There are 10-year olds who are very capable and comfortable being left alone for a short period and much older children who are not.’

Exactly. And so who should these decisions be left too? Maybe the people that know the kids best? Like their parents or something?

There’s also this little tid-bit to make single parents feel a tad more discriminated against than they already are –

Single parents were more likely to leave their children home alone…

And that must be bad because they’ve already told us that leaving a child alone for short periods of time in the safety of their own home is really bad, and that means parents who do that are really bad (and you’re most likely to do it if you’re a single parent because you’re really bad to begin with).

Feel free to say get stuffed to this article because I’m about to…

 Dear stupid article,

I’m the expert on my kids. I’ll make the decisions on their welfare. And you can get stuffed.



Did you see any other guilt-pushing articles this week? Do you think these articles are spot on and I’m the one who’s ‘full of shit’? Let me know with a comment below.