While trying out some revolutionary training methods set to take the FFL (Family Football League) by storm the Northern Dad’s Group revealed their new mascot. Captain Dan (pictured right) was also proud to announce the team’s official name.

‘We’re the Northern Dads Group Guinea Pigs,’ he said. ‘There were some great options – The Devils, The Battleships, The Gorillas… but in the end we just thought The Guinea Pigs embodied the spirit and appetite that’s going to take this group forward.’

After going down to the Anglican Church Mother’s Group last week what can we expect to see from the team this weekend against the Northcote Nanas? ‘We might be great Dads and blokes here and now but when we cross that white line we’re Guinea Pigs. You’ll see pure fear in our beady little black eyes and as soon as the siren goes we’ll be bunching up together against the fence down one end of the field.’

Dan thinks it will be a tight match. ‘Yeah, should be a close one because I’m pretty sure The Nanas will be down the other end of the ground knitting or having a nap.’

We captured this footage at today’s training session.