2011 has been a ripper year for the Mentally Sexy Contest.

As I wait for the final scores to be sent by the Mentally Sexy Judges – Maureen Matthews, Kate Hunter, Steve Biddulph and The Circle Crew from Channel 10– I can’t help but reflect on the reach the competition has had this year.

From 73 entrants we have 28 from Victoria, 16 from NSW, 13 from Queensland, 6 from South Australia, 4 from Western Australia and 3 each from Tasmania and The Northern Territory. We’ve ticked off every state and territory and shown that Australian is a country full of ripper Dads and men!

I will be tallying the votes (G’day Jeff Probst) and then announcing the top five this Sunday – Father’s Day September 9. Each of the top five will receive a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner, with accessories, valued at $949.

The winner will then be announced here at Reservoir Dad the following Sunday, September 11. The winner will be able to add a Dyson Air Multiplier™ Pedestal Fan (RRP$599) to his prize pool but more importantly will carry the title of Australia’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad 2011.

The very next day, September 12, he will join renowned Australian author and psychologist Steve Biddulph for interview on Radio National Life Matters.

It’s all happening!


Available Prizes


  • The People’s Choice Award which will be awarded to the entry with the most star votes on their ‘Mentally Sexy Meter’. This voting system can be found on your entry page in the top right-hand corner. This will stay open until September 23. If there is a draw we will then look to the average to decide the winner. The prize for the winner this year is a Dyson Air Multiplier™ Pedestal Fan (RRP$599). I have included the thirty entrants with the highest scores below. At the moment Jarrod is in front with a whopping 251 votes. Great job Jarrod and family! I will give a few updates over the next few weeks detailing the changes in scores.
  • Free Mentally Sexy T-Shirts – Every entrant will receive a t-shirt. If you participated in the Mentally Sexy Social Media Drive (still time) you will also receive a t-shirt. I will send them off as soon as I get a spare afternoon to write labels and stuff enveloipes.


The Dad Ladder – Top 20

Jarrad 251 (9.9), Tristan 82 (8.9), James 80 (9.5), Alex 80 (9.4), Ealsey 37 (8.8), Steve 31 (8.8), Phillip 31 (8.9), Andrew 27 (7.7), Andrew T 26 (8.3), Ian 26 (9.2), Clive 26 (9.2), Simon 24 (8.7), Daniel E 22 (8.7), Bill 22 (9.2), Jeff M 22 (9.5), Jeff 21 (9.1), Damien 21 (8), Bill C 20 (8.4) (Allan 19 (7.1),  Robert 18 (5.9),  ‘Map Guy’ 18 (6.4)

Entrants had a lot of fun with this last year, starting comprehensive marketing campaigns using email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter to encourage friends, family and others to vote. So get to it!