Last year I was approached by the Department of Families to help promote the Dad and Partner Pay campaign that came into action Jan 1st 2013.

Ashamedly, I didn’t get around to doing it. Mostly because the government document I had to wade through to produce an accurate article made me feel about as motivated as a hairy-legged three-toed sloth named Mort who was faced with the task of climbing back up his tree after having two toes amputated from a serious bout of Meningococcal.

Luckily, Matt from Dad Down Under got onto it and did a great job. You can read his informative, humorous and slightly minty tasting article by clicking on the word Robocop. Robocop.

Despite the repulsive slothery I’ve described above, I was able to drag the mouse across the computer desk a good three centimetres to click ‘Like’ on the Australian Families Facebook Page. The effort resulted in fatigue-born shivering that grew to convulsions and forced me to take a nap into a nightmare where I was responsible for digging an eternally long trench with that other reliable soul and hater of real-world work, Lindsay Lohan. 

So, I noticed just recently that Justin Watts – who operates the Dad and Partner Pay for The Department of Families – is running a cool competition for Dads. The Facebook page is designed to share ideas, information and suggestions on how dads can get involved with the upbringing of their newborn and the competition is asking people to submit photos of Dad spending time with his baby.

There are some gorgeous photos already submitted. I get that happy-sad head fog feeling when I look at them and I want to help make the comp a success. A competition like this makes winners of everyone. You get to show off your baby (or your husband/partner and baby) no matter what, and it helps to raise awareness of something that’s of benefit to Aussie families.

So do it! I’ll be putting in the photo above of me and ALL four of my babies… at some stage – the shivering’s here again so I’m almost certain I’ll be spending some more time with Lindsay soon. (I hope she brings a fricken shovel this time.)

To view the photos and learn more about Dad and Partner Pay visit the Australian Families Facebook Page.

To enter the competition, email a photo to or send a tweet using the hashtag #dadandpartnerpay. The competition will be open until 5pm AEST on 15 March 2013

PS. If you enter or like their page let them know I sent you by leaving a message. And say something crazy. They love that.