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I’ve just met Linden at the gym and we’re running through a series of super-secret stretches and warm-up drills designed to provide a superior workout that promotes maximum gains when I casually mention the fact that I’m working with to fully fire their Celebration of Man promotion.

Linden finishes a set of single arm push-ups before saying, ‘Lasoo? The online place where you buy stuff from different companies.’

‘That’s almost entirely wrong,’ I say. ‘It’s not a shop. It’s like the telescopic sight of a high-powered rifle. You focus in on what you want, narrow in on the cheapest price, sight up the closest major retailer and then walk out your door and nail your product.’

‘Did you memorize that from that from their About Us page?’

‘I just want to be of service to others,’ I say, as I pull out my iPhone. ‘Here. Watch this while you do your crunches.’

When it’s over I’m pleased that Linden has accomplished two things in less than two minutes – he’s fried his rock hard abs and watched the Lasoo promotional video.

‘So, you’re not worried about being seen as a sell-out?’

‘I’m Reservoir Dad, man. I’m the original razzle dazzle!’

LasooGymPic‘It’s just that you’re all decked out in the Lasoo gear…’

‘Oh this?’ I say, holding out my hands to display the Lasoo logo more clearly. ‘It’s just something I threw on.’

While I’m limbering up my calf muscles with some Moonwalking Linden starts some rapid-fire box jumps in preparation for some monster squats and says, ‘So what, they send you stuff and you promote it?’

‘I’m helping them to celebrate all things MAN, man. The promotion runs from August 22 to October 2. It’ll run through Bathhurst, the AFL and NRL finals, Father’s Day. I’m asking the Reservoir Dad regulars to go to the Lasoo Facebook page, ‘like’ the page to reveal the weekly category, choose a product from that category at and then leave a short review saying why a man would love it.’

‘Why would you do that?’

‘Because Lasoo makes shopping – which is a painful, horrible, unavoidable chore – easy. Plus, each week they’ll pick one reviewer to win a $1000 Lasoo EFTPOS GiftCard.’

Linden stands up and motions for me to punch him in the stomach multiple times. He believes this helps toughen up his abs. I’m not so sure but I do it anyway to give him the psychological edge he needs. After I’ve punched him a dozen times in less then ten seconds I’m touched to see that he’s lying face down on the floor moaning.

He coughs for a few minutes and then asks, ‘Have you bought anything from them?’

Jack-Daniels-Racing-Soft-Seat‘Heaps,’ I say. ‘I got this Jack Daniels Racing Soft Seat. To make Bathurst more comfortable.’

‘I love that shit,’ Linden say. ‘Give us a go?’

‘Yeah. Park yourself,’ I say, handing it to him.

He takes a minute to turn it over and inspect the official Jack Daniel’s Racing logo and then throws it on the hard gym flooring. When he sits down the look on his face surprises me so much I overstretch and strain my groin. ‘What do you think?’ I ask him.

‘It’s like there’s a party on my arse and everyone’s invited,’ he says.

‘Hey,’ I whisper. ‘You really should be careful about saying that sort of thing around here. But that’s a pretty good review.’

‘And you should stop furiously rubbing your groin. Can I borrow you iPhone?’ he asks. ‘I’m after the one thousand bucks.’

Join The Celebration Of Man Promotion

  1. Go the Lasoo Facebook page:
  2. ‘LIKE’ the page to reveal the secret weekly category
  3. Find a product on from that weekly category and comment on it in the ‘Comments’ box under the product (using 25 words or less).

A $1,000 Lasoo EFTPOS Giftcard will be given to a winner each week.