drevil_copyAfter a bit of a lay off I’m limbering up my phalanges for another year of posting and I thought I’d kick in to it with a bit of an RD Facebook Page Year In Review.

Reading over the status updates from last year has renewed my appreciation for my ‘likers’. I don’t have thousands but the few I do have are rippers. Thanks for your support. I hope I have repaid the favour. I will do my best to pay you back again in 2012.

I’ve chosen three Facebook ‘happenings’ that impacted on me in a significant way. The following top three status updates for 2011 have been chosen because they changed me. In order from the third most significant to the most significant status update I can tell you that they changed me as follows:

3. I got to see myself in a new light and understand that I’m multidimensional

2. I grew to appreciate fashion and how my dress sense impacts on those around me

1. I revealed myself in such a way that I have shattered any sense of shame I might have once had. I am now a free man.


*Top 3 Facebook Status Updates From 2011*

3. Changing My Mafia-Style Profile Pic:                                                                 


After some encouragement from the Facebook crew I dusted off the old photo albums and went right back into my seedy past to find a more suitable ‘Dad’ photo. Here’s the subsequent post I put up a few days later –




2. Reservoir Dad Gets A Make Over




The advice I received was overwhelmingly positive and helpful. And so I had my first makeover and posted the results on the website the next morning…


You can read the full post here. 


1. The Cyberspace Striptease








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