Crazy thing is I’m in the middle of working with website designer-slash-genius Joe Schatz to redesign this site and load it up with all the latest futuristic gadgetry. It’ll be so completely and utterly technologically advanced that it will actually learn my thought patterns and write for me.

I’m A Finalist!

So this time next week you’ll be reading a robot-slash-computer’s anticipation of my thoughts, rather than my actual thoughts. Are you concerned about that? Don’t be! Robots are cool! And I’ll be fine – I’m going to buy a hairless cat to stroke while I read what the computer thinks I want to say ( I’ll probably say ZIP IT a dozen times) and then maybe hold the world to ransom for a million dollars.

Seriously though, I’m really pumped about making the Top 5 Best Australian Blogs 2013 (Parenting And Personal Category) and a big thanks to the people who nominated me and whoever made the decision to lift me to the top of the pack this year. I’ve loved writing my whole life and this is huge in validating the years I’ve put into it. I feel like I fit the medium well and I see myself blogging way into the foreseeable future.