sad-face-paintFace Paint Attempt #1

‘Dad,’ Archie says, ‘I don’t like this face painting.’

‘But Arch, it looks cool. You’ve got a monster on one side and…’

‘It’s not even. I want to wash it off.’

‘Let’s not get drastic, Arch,’ I say, a mild panic rising. ‘What if we go back and destroy the artists confidence by telling her she stuffed it up and we want it made even?’

Archie nods.




Face Paint Attempt #2

Happy-Face-Paint‘So how’s that?’ I ask. ‘Do you like it?’ 

‘I know Karate!!’

‘And you also know how to make a MacDonald’s Party assistant cry.’

‘Was she crying?’

‘Just a little bit mate,’ I say, rustling his hair, ‘hardly much at all. Pity your little brother got painted after you though. Now head off into the party and beat him in a face paint fight.’

‘His painting isn’t even, Dad.’

‘I know mate. He has a mashed up ladybeetle on one side. And some half-arsed excuse for a red nose. He looks like some kind of drunk who’s fallen face first into a flower patch. Cute though.’