Thought I’d shake things up a little for Archie’s last school drop off as a Prep student this morning. Meet the 100 kilogram stay-at-home Dad in the girly-pink hat.


It was a very tight hat due to the fact that it belongs to a three-year-old girl who came to visit our house with her Mum last weekend (get it back to you soon Naomi). Because it wasn’t meant to ride a boofed-up noggin like mine, it was pulling my forehead skin (make sure you say those three syllables in the right order) nice and tight. Got me thinking that tight hats could be a cheaper and safer alternative to botox. Might see if there’s a market for it.


Anyway, I’m pretty sure the girly-pink hat will get me mentioned at school functions for the next twenty or so years. (If they ever forget about me in the tight black jocks….)

Funny thing is I’ve been reading Oliver James’ ‘How Not To Fuck Them Up‘ and was thinking of that as I got a few looks from the local Mums and Dads. I must be rebelling. Archie seemed to think it was pretty funny though. I can’t believe the little fella’s moving on to Grade One already! Here’s a pic of him drinking from a coconut…