maureenMaureen Matthews has given The Mentally Sexy Competition a mention in her regular Sunday Age Column ‘About Last Night‘. It’s in response to a readers question –

‘ A stay-at-home mother of two children I haven’t had sex since last conceiving. After a day of mothering, cooking and cleaning, sex seems like another chore. He says he needs sex to feel loved and appreciated, but I need to feel loved and appreciated to want sex. I’ve suggested ways he could help me with the housework, but he “forgets” to do them… How can we resolve this?’

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Another fantastic article in The Sunday Age can can be found in today’s Opinion section (page 17). The author, Leslie Cannold, addresses the controversial topic of sexual consent and – bravely drawing on her personal experience of rape – details how confusing this issue can be for just about everyone, from those who have experienced rape, to inexperienced teen/adults and even influential celebrities. Here’s a sample that focuses on gender stereotypes and the issue of equality among the sexes which is relevant to the Mentally Sexy Competition. It points to positive changes –

“So where to now? Has increasing social and sexual freedom been good for young women, or bad? The truth is that this is the wrong question to ask. Equality and freedom are chances that some women will use poorly and others well. Certainly every young woman, like every young man, will make mistakes and get hurt. This is what coming of age is all about. The hope is that as time moves on, and a critical number of generations accumulate wisdom they can pass to their kids, the relative balance of those who use their freedom wisely will grow.

For thousands of years, humans have lived in societies built on the exercise of superior male strength and the inevitability of female pregnancy. Inflexible and gender-inequitable rules for emotional and physical engagement between the sexes arose from these realities.

As societies governed by the rule of law and populated by women with access to reliable contraception become the norm, new rules of engagement for relations between the sexes – ones based on mutual understanding, respect and consent – will flourish.”

You can read the entire article online by following this link – Talking About Rape.