This was a very popular giveaway and I can understand why. Putting Skylanders Giants + cocaine + RD in the same competition = a heap of people piling in on top of each other like cash into a dealer’s powder-covered wallet.

It was fun. That’s for sure. I had all my faults pointed out to me. Here are some:

I’m too attracted to vacuum cleaners, I don’t listen to my wife enough, I’m a big softie when it comes to my kids but a bad ass when it comes to my reputation (that’s a personal favourite), I need to incorporate some interpretive dance moves into my routines, and (as I’ve been hearing more of lately) I’m ‘up meself’.

I’m Up Me-self!

All hilariously good natured good fun… ahh… wasn’t it?

Only one winner though and if you’re pissed about that (and you should be) you should write to Lena and let her know that they should have given me 100 Skylander Giants Easter Packs to give away. (Lena’s really cool)

The winning entry as selected by Reservoir Mum is below. RM just wanted me to point out two things – 1) she loved reading all the responses and nodded so hard for so long that she thinks she may have sustained an injury to her C7 vertebrae. 2) She agreed with everything the winner said (except for the part about The Cats) and thought it was clear he was a long time reader.

What’s wrong with you?
How big is this comment box?
Funnily enough it’s not that whenever I hear a daggy 80s tune or a strong power-ballad I get a mental picture of you doing some obscure dance routine in your boxer shorts. It also isn’t that whenever I see a crazy Tarago driver I check twice to see whether the driver is you and I should be getting off the road promptly. It also isn’t the fact that I can’t watch an episode of house husbands without wondering what crazy sexual advance RM is enduring at that exact moment in time. Nor is it the fact that your ego is approximately 3.5 times bigger than your toned body (and growing at an exponential rate).
No, what’s wrong with you is simple – you’re a Geelong supporter. The rest is forgivable, and very amusing. So get some taste and worship a better team please. That is all.

I’ll be emailing you for details shortly Brenden.

(PS Go Cats! ~ RD)