As I waved goodbye to Reservoir Mum and the boys I felt a pang in my guts that approached despair.  There goes my whole life in a silver Tarago, I thought. It was only after I’d walked inside our home and listened to the quiet for a while that I was overcome by an irresistible need to dance.

And so I did.

With the music loud and the space unlimited and without being interrupted by my beautiful children even once. After dancing myself out I went straight to the Reservoir Dad Facebook Page to tell everyone about it.

One thing lead to another and a challenge presented itself – Amanda McFarlane and Penni Perrin requested Reservoir Dad Gangnam Style. I told them I couldn’t do that with a Facebook page under 1000 likers. A few hours later the liker-meter had tipped over the 1000 mark and is now approaching 1,300.

So, my quiet night alone turned in to a massive panic stricken dance-athon.

It’s funny you know. Last night Diana Pizzari commented via Facebook that ‘it was a bit sad’ that I’d been playing nude Twister by myself. She may have a point. But here’s ‘a happening’ that some people may consider even sadder –

It was my first night alone in several years. I had eaten a lot of chicken wings and was updating my Facebook page regularly while enjoying my third or fourth beer and practicing my already very capable dancing to a ‘how to dance Gangnam Style’ video on YouTube when, suddenly, it occurred to me that I WAS HAVING A GREAT TIME.

And I really was. It took several ‘takes’ to perfect the soon to be famous Reservoir Dad Gangnam Style video and I only really felt sad when it was all over.

So, here’s the video that everyone’s been waiting for. I’m very proud of it. It basically confirms to me that I can move and it’s probably going to go viral because it has many potential uses. Here are just a few –

  • A ‘how to dance’ instructional video’
  • A home aerobics video – put it on every morning and work your thighs, hips and buns in under four minutes.
  • A promotional video for popular brands like Gucci and Target.
  • An aid for anyone suffering from low libido.

Thanks to the 300+ new likers of The Reservoir Dad Facebook page. Stick around.  There’s plenty more where this came from. I’ll leave you with a direct quote from Reservoir Mum (who I love more than anything) –

“You have this strange compulsion to take the piss out of yourself… it’s incurable.’

I Can Do It!