When the editor of the Gold Coast’s largest circulating free glossy publication – Get it magazine – asked me to write an article about why I blog, I thought I ‘d better write something glitzy and glam, to convince all the bronzed party-goers up there that I am totally up myself. 

Get it magazine is letterbox dropped to the affluent areas of the Gold Coast – distributed into doctors and dental surgeries, cafes, restaurants, hair salons, major shopping centres and high traffic areas around the Gold Coast area – so I made sure I removed my sandals, peeled off my socks, and then put my sandals back on before I wrote this piece!

Thought I’d make mention of some of my favorite dad bloggers as well. Party on Julien O’Brien, Ben Arnott, Matt, and Trevor Marshallsea. Follow Get it magazine on Facebook (and tell them Reservoir Dad sent you).

The article’s below. If you have trouble reading it you can access the PDF of the August issue here.