When I dropped Archie off at Primary School yesterday I received a comment as I passed a Mother walking out of the school yard that went something like this, ‘Nice socks!’

It wasn’t so much the comment but the up-and-down look and the impossible to conceal smirk that made me think that I might just need to reinvent myself.

When I got home I asked Lewis to take a photo of me so that I could seek advice from people who had an eye for fashion. I posted the picture on the Reservoir Dad Facebook Page and asked for some advice. Personally I thought I looked great so I wanted to know if I really needed to freshen up my image, and then if it was confirmed that I did, what exactly I needed to change. The advice I received was overwhelmingly positive and helpful. Here is just a sample of some the comments –

Jenny Martin you might just have to lose the beanie I reckon!!

Look To Improving Life You look no different to all the other dads I see dropping kids off. My husband would not do the sock thing I think, but I’m sure he wouldn’t care being so cold!

Sally Heppleston Yep socks. Definitely the socks.

Kate Schultz Well, you’re close with thinking it’s the socks…keep going along that train of thought 😉

Diana Pizzari If the look you’re going for is “German tourist chic” then continue to run with it! You’ve just about nailed it, minus the camera…

Reservoir Mum I’m wondering what the comment from the mum was? Perhaps she thought you looked great too?! Looks like your fly is open to me…

Robin Shepherd My first thought was that you look like some of my Queensland rellies who fly in for a visit forgetting to bring any warm clothing lol.

Jolene Marie Humphry OMG! You must shop in the same place as Hubbster…although, I’m not sure even he would have gone the socks-n-sandals look!

Michelle Stedman I think Tartan socks would be the only thing that could make this any jazzier…. and maybe a parasol.

Reservoir Dad Reservoir Mum – of course my fly looks open to you… Okay, I’m picking up a common thread – nicer socks. Tomorrow I will pull out the green woolly socks I usually only wear to special events. And I love being a little German tourist.

Reservoir Mum I also think the addition of one of the boy’s superman capes would be superb.

The message I received from the comments was clear – the German Tourist look was working but some slight adjustments were needed to make it more complete. For this morning’s school run I opted to go for some flashier green socks plus the superman cape that Reservoir Mum recommended. (Oh, I also swapped heads with Tyson just for fun.)


When I dropped Archie off I felt like a million bucks and I knew my makeover had worked – not one other parent looked directly at me. In fact several people looked away sharply just before making eye contact because, clearly, they were feeling intimidated. I expect to see some copycat makeovers appearing at Archie’s Primary School in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all for the advice. I can always count on my Facebook friends. If you’d like to become one of them join here.