Strangely enough, I was featured in a small article in D Magazine – the weekend supplement for major Italian Newspaper la Repubblica. Crazy stuff! To check out the original Italian text click on the picture to the left. Continue reading to see the English translation (Thanks Kylee Doust!)


Out Of This World Dad

Thirty-nine years old, Australian, his wife a researcher, Clint Greagen belongs the “SAHD” category, “stay at home dads”, Dads who stay at home with their kids (his are 8, 6, 5, and 1 years old) while the wives go off to work. His Reservoir Dad won the Best National Blog award and every day 30 thousand people read about his adventures (from getting up at six am to wrestling before going to be) and his useful advice (such as “how to throw your kids”).

“I used to work just for money and my passion was writing, while my wife had a project which was very important for her. We both wanted one of us to stay with the kids, and that was me”.

Six years later, Clint has learnt that the gender differences are stereotypes: “It’s crazy the idea that women are better with kids. She and I are interchangeable. But this is the hardest job I’ve ever had.”