It occurred to me as I was hovering over the toilet in front of the camera that this kind of scene – apart from being raw and unscripted and unedited – would add authenticity to the House Husband series if they were included.

It also occurred to me that these vlogs I’m making can be used for another purpose. Does your man eschew his responsibilities around the house? Have you directed these question at him before – “When was the last time you unstacked the dishwasher? When was the last time you panic-cleaned the toilet?” 


Well, now you can show him my vlogs and, if he’s smart, something will finally click He’ll realise that he only has to film himself cleaning the toilet once and the next time you ask him that question he can tell you to go YouTube it.

Just kidding! He can learn how to clean a toilet by watching my vlogs. Right! And contribute! It’s not hard!

I hope you enjoy this vlog. I’m passionate about developing strong skills and habits that can help people to spend less of their life on the stupidest of activities – housework.

Here’s an interesting fact to take home with you. This is not the first time I’ve been filmed cleaning a toilet. Last time I did it was in front of a national audience. YouTube link is after vlog if you want to watch me clean a toilet two times in a row.

 Party on.