We must overthrow years of conditioning and refuse to order our plastics drawers.               ~ Reservoir Dad

With guest appearances by twenty-month-old Maki, four-year-old Tyson and ‘Paulette The Dishwasher’ (and despite the fact that I ignored the advice of vlogging experts to keep a steady camera, reduce peripheral noise, dress nicely and try not to stand like you’ve got a stick up your arse) this would have to be the best vlog I’ve made, ever!

And within the best vlog is some great advice stated explicitly.

And some even greater advice left unsaid.

Housework Time Saving Tips #2

Let me know what you think of my methods.

And if you have a specific household task that takes up too much of your time, let me know what it is. I’ll make a vlog with tips on how to get it done faster.

I’ll vlog just for you!