The People’s Choice Award

Dyson-Air-Multiplier-Fan2We have finally secured a prize for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ which will be awarded to the entry with the most star votes on their ‘Mentally Sexy Meter’. This voting system can be found on your entry page in the top right-hand corner. This will stay open until September 23. If there is a draw we will then look to the average to decide the winner.

I will give a few updates over the next few weeks detailing the changes in scores.

The prize for the winner this year is a Dyson Air Multiplier™ Pedestal Fan (RRP$599)

Entrants had a lot of fun with this last year, starting comprehensive marketing campaigns using email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter to encourage friends, family and others to vote. So get to it!


Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’

A great feeling of community has been developing over the past two years  and everyone involved from the judges, philosophers, regular Reservoir Dad visitors, sponsors, local community, media and (most importantly) the Mentally Sexy Dads and their families have shaped this competition and furthered its potential to affect many people in a very positive way.

The Mentally Sexy Staff feel a sense of responsibility to keep pushing and promoting the competition on behalf of everyone involved. And we will. Right to the very end!

Top5So on Monday morning I’ll be heading to ABC Radio National’s Melbourne HQ to talk with Life Matters host Richard Aedy about The Mentally Sexy Competition.

The support that Life Matters has shown the competition is one of the main reasons it has been such a success. Last year they dedicated a whole show to the comp, interviewed the Top Five Dads for another program, and announced the winner. This year they are showing great support again and I am happy to say that 2011’s Most Mentally Sexy Dad will be interviewed along with one of the judges at a date to be announced soon.

As per usual, right before I am about to speak on air, I will get just a tad nervous and doubt my place in the world but I’ll be okay because I will channel the inner part of myself that houses days gone by and a sense of calm will wash over me when I visualize toddler Lewis on the balcony of our holiday apartment. His nappy is at his feet. He has a poo in his hand and he is about to launch it over the railing to the thoroughfare below.

Waving sorry to several people who have become the unwilling witnesses to the first flight of your progeny’s poo is the cure for all future embarrassments. Seeing the splattered remains there as you eat breakfast on your balcony for the next several days is how one learns to still the mind, accept all imperfections, and find peace.

There is no reason for me to tell you any of this.

To listen to the show Monday 14 August, tune in between 9 and 10am. I think I’ll be on around 9.30. If you’re from Melbourne the frequency is 621AM. To find the frequency for other states click here.