Rachel_author_pic_2010Why was the Mentally Sexy Competition such a success? Rachel Power offers her thoughts in her latest blog post. Here’s a sample –

“Here is a bunch of couples changing the blueprint for what constitutes a contemporary family life; men who are fully up to negotiating with their partners how things are going to run in terms of work, housework and childcare.

In fact, I think the Most Mentally Sexy Dad competition might be one of the more powerful campaigns we’ve seen in calling on men to move beyond the lip service that gets paid to respect and equality towards acting like they mean it. Not for some abstract ideal, but because it is meaningful to the women and children they love, and gives their relationship a better chance of long-lasting passion.”

DamonYougPortrait_in_UndiesYou can read the rest of the article by visiting Rachel’s blog The Rachel Papers.

When you’re finished there you might want to read Damon Young’s Mentally Sexy article which was recently featured at the popular Mama Mia Wesbite. It attacted over 100 comments. It’s titled Do Domestic Gods Get More Sex? . (Great pic, Damon. hehe)