As I’m stacking the dishwasher I’m thinking ahead to the small amount of time I’ve got to work on the website and so I say to Reservoir Mum, who’s working on the laptop at the kitchen table, ‘Hey, what do you think is the craziest parenting style you’ve ever heard of?’

‘What?’ she says. ‘That’s weird… um… waving your hands in front of your face… screaming…. running around in circles?’

A greasy plate slips from my fingers and clangs against the knives and forks but I let it lie as I turn around to ask, ‘How is that a parenting technique?’

‘Oh,’ RM says, laughing. ‘I thought you said panicking technique.’

And there’s my intro.

As far as prenting techniques go, is tough love a stayer? Am I even capable of it? Here’s a snapshot of my article over at Studio Bambini Magazine this week…

Lewis has been snarling at me all day, from run of the mill questions and requests to over-the-top responses. I’ve finally lost it and ordered him to go to bed; snatching away his half-finished loom band creation and going all God of Thunder on him, decrying the lack of respect and honour as I force-walk him down the hall to his room. No books, lights out, hug-less – not even the hint of a goodnight kiss…

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