*Note – the Herald-Sun is a hate-read for me. I get it only for the sport and then hate-read the rest while I’m eating kranskys and coffee and taking meds for my blood pressure.

According to page 7 of the Herald-Sun this morning, women worry about their weight more than they worry about their kids’ safety.

Here’s a direct quote so you know I’m not making it up –

Mums Worry About Their Weight More Than Their Children

Australian women worry more about their weight than their children’s safety.

See? You can read the full article here.

Even though I have cherry-picked that one line out of an entire article I’m pretty sure that most Australian women would find it a bit offensive (and I should know – I’m a man).

Doesn’t it make women seem a tad self-absorbed? A little flighty? A little hard to trust on the home-front? And if a woman can’t even put her kids first at home what chance has she got of keeping her focus in the boardroom?

I expect to see this kind of underhanded sexism and gender-based dismissiveness coming from certain members of society such as cavemen or Rupert Murdoch. But this article is based on a ‘Today’s Women’ survey of 6253 women. Apparently women said this about themselves!

I was bewildered and shaking my head in disbelief – which had the unexpected benefit of causing my teeth to sheer through an entire overcooked Kransky in a matter of seconds – when this scenario came to mind:

Mother has just left the supermarket with several bags of shopping and looks up to see daughter running towards a busy suburban road. She drops the bags and takes a few panicked steps towards her but then feels the warbling of extra belly and pulls up short. Oh my god I’m so abdomonious, she screams inside her own head. As she’s looking behind her and pulling her dress over the cellulite on the back of her thighs, windscreen wipers are clearing away the visceral remains of her daughter from the 10.42am bus.

Doesn’t feel right to me. But that could be because I’m a man and can’t eat kransky and think about things at the same time.

Women! Mums! Does it seem right to you?

What comes first – the safety of your kids? Or the visibility of your cankles? Be honest, no one will judge you here. Except maybe me (with the help of a little tongue-in-cheek-in-kransky).