2013 was the year I pushed myself into vlogging and am pleased to say that through all the experimentation and mistakes I made a few videos that were appreciated and heavily shared. Next year I’m looking to make it a more regular part of the blog and to push harder on story and professionalism!

Here are the most popular video’s from this year and right at the bottom a 2013 Bloopers Reel.

In order from most earliest to most recent…


Housework Time Saving Tips

The beginning of a series of tips on how to save time from housework. Here you’ll get a bit of an insight into my thoughts and beliefs on domestic work.


Housework Time Saving Tips 2

How to organise your plastics cupboard.


Housework Time Saving Tips 3

How to panic clean a toilet!


A Guest Post by Rhys Muldoon – Housework Time Saving Tips 4

House Husbands Rhys Muldoon shows us how to make a bed


Housework Time Saving Tips 5 

Finish a chore in the space of your favourite song!


How To Seduce Your Wife

You want to have sex with your wife more often and you’ve come to me…


Win A Ford Territory!

The sing-a-long video I made to give away two Fords.


RD’s Mediation Session

The video where I act as a counselor for young couple Jim and Shaniqua. Guest appearance by anti-hero Alfie.


And to wrap it all up here a some of the funny, embarrassing, shocking outtakes that I found on the cutting room floor. (Warning: Profanity, sexual allusions, alarming lack of wardrobe options…)