I’ve started writing for the feminist website Morning Quickie. I’ll be giving a male’s perspective to questions in a weekly column called ‘The Why Chromosome’. The editors, Mick and Mack, have recently relaunched the site and given it a new look. Here’s their Manifesto –

Morning Quickie aims to provide you with a daily five minute feminist fix. As consummate procrastinators, we know the importance of combining entertainment with the news of the day — any excuse to avoid work.

We are feminists, but more importantly we care about what is happening to the women around us. We break all the rules — talking about sex, politics and religion (but we focus on the sex because that’s the fun part). And we have no shame.

Many sites process the news through a strict feminist studies framework, but we don’t believe this reflects the experience of the average woman. We tell it like it is and throw political correctness out the door.

Who are we? We are experts in a variety of fields including journalism, law, psychology and human sexuality. We are women and men who care about the people around us.

My first column is titled ‘What Does He Really Think About During Sex’ and can be found here.

You can join the Morning Quickie Facebook page and sign up to their newletter by visiting the site.