Pete is the father of two children. His entry was submitted by his partner Lisa –

“Some would say that Pete should be nominated as Most Mentally Sexy part-time Dad given that his ten-year-old daughter and six-year-old son live with him every second weekend. But we scoff and spit on those people! Pete calls his children every morning AND night, not to mention the regular Skype hook-ups where Pete entertains them by imitating Gilmore the Dog singing along to the National Nine News theme song!

Every second weekend with the kids, Pete lets me sleep in while he wakes up at 6am, makes the kids brekky and baby cinos, cleans the whole house and takes them to the park. By the time I surface, he has planned to take them to the wave pool, bowling, Auskick, or to some other crazy kid activity.

Even the Most Mentally Sexy can’t be perfect – his only downfall is his culinary skills… but his kids are apt at reading cafe menus and ordering from them because he’s taught them such fantastic life skills! My man is Most Mentally Sexy!”