If I was addicted to gambling, the most worrying thing for me right now would be how easy it is to bet on… anything. I can pick up my iPhone right now and bet on anything from horse racing to when Alien life will be proven; from the outcome of a football match to which member of One Direction will leave the band first (hopefully the last bet will become null and void and they stay together forever!)  

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Let’s just say I’m addicted to a particular drug and desperate to shake its constant hum and influence from my life. Here I am after seeking help and support, walking down the street three weeks clean, and I glance inside a convenience store to see my preferred drug on sale right next to the mixed lollies. What the? Even if I somehow managed to walk on by and managed to get all the way back home without turning back, the knowledge that I can feed my addiction so easily will be buzzing in my ear like a persistent consuming case of tinnitus. To be able to put a litre of milk on the counter and say, ‘Hey, while I’m here I’ll grab some jubes, some liquorice all-sorts and some amphetamines thanks. About twenty dollar’s worth. Oh, and I might as well grab a packet of hyper-dermic needles while I’m at it. Ta.’

Laying a bet these days is even easier than that. Gambling advertising is much more prevalent and in-your-face and distracting and – for someone with an addiction – allconsuming. You think the casinos, the TABs and the online betting sites aren’t aware of that? Of course they are. It makes me angry and that’s why I want to hold up a placard to join the ‘Many ways’ campaign.

When you’re constantly surrounded and harassed by your demons you need a lot of support but accessing that support can be tough. Your internal struggles aren’t helped by the bling-bling of advertisers, the flashing lights of the casinos and the finger-tip accessibility of online sites. It’s all there to distract from the fact that there are many, many ways to access help when you need it.

So let’s put the bling-bling and the flashy lights around the options. Gambler’s Help can give you immediate access to several avenues of support. They’ll assist you to find an option that suits you so that you can access it when you’re ready and as often as you want –

  • Phone counselling
  • Face to face counselling
  • Online counselling and forums
  • Tools to help yourself
  • Financial counselling
  • Peer support
  • Help for young people
  • Support for family and friends

Twenty four hours a day just like a convenience store. But all the goodies and everything you’re looking for is for free and confidential! Let’s make the neon signs and website pop-ups and shine our lights on this!


If you or someone you care about is experiencing problems with gambling, there are many ways to get help. For free, confidential support call Gambler’s Help on 1800 858 858 or visit gamblershelp.com.au to find the support that’s right for you.